Today, many man-made structures using steel face harsh futures from the ravages of their natural enemy-corrosion. The cost of corrosion has proven to be almost incalculable as it shortens the life of almost any structure using steel. De Nora’s cathodic protection anodes, marketed under the trade names of LIDA® and ELGARD®, provide customers with a solution to this problem. When used as part of a properly designed system of impressed current cathodic protection, our family of cathodic protection anodes has established a firm foundation as a “life-saving” technology. Whether your structure requiring protection is a gas pipeline, a steel tank or a re-enforced concrete deck, De Nora produces a cathodic protection anode for your application, both LIDA® and ELGARD® lines of CP anodes are commercialized mainly through an exclusive network of licensed distributors or authorized customers.

Conventional Protection

Conventional cathodic protection of steel structures, such as underground pipelines and storage tanks, above ground tanks, locks, dams, water boxes, and like under the name LIDA®.

Concrete Protection

Cathodic protection of steel re-enforced concrete structures such as parking garages, bridge decks, and wharf and pier structures is found under the brand name ELGARD® and LIDA®.

Offshore retrofit

Many offshore structures, platforms and pipelines, will require a cathodic protection retrofit in the next several years. The required life extension will range from 5 to 20 years past the original design life of the equipment. A cathodic protection system for offshore structures like LIDA TSA®, a mixed metal oxide on titanium anode material, is configured and designed to provide superior protection of offshore platforms.

LIDA TSA® includes multiple LIDA® anodes and armored cable assembled on a supporting rope connected from the platform to a dead weight on the sea floor. The system is particularly useful for retrofitting cathodic protection systems for offshore structures that have exceeded their expected life.